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Dead and Not So Buried

Dead and Not So Buried


Lightning ripped the sky like knife through flesh.

Okay, that's a little much. Fact is, there was no lightning. Hell, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. But kidnapping is a heinous crime, heinous enough for a little atmosphere. So even if there was no lightning, there should have been.

The Kidnapper broke in through the rear gate. A crowbar snapped the rusted chain. His size eleven boots left a clear path across the dew-sodden grass, past the flowers, through the statues, to her chamber.

Having long since vacated her body, she couldn't hear the scratching and scraping as he broke into her sanctuary. Couldn't see him as he entered her cold, white room. Never felt him sweep her into his arms.

The Kidnapper shuddered. She looked terrible, much worse than expected. Her white gown was streaked with dirt and mildew. That shock of blond hair was reduced to just a few sparse, wispy patches. And her face was a mess. At least she didn't smell.

She fit easily inside the oversized burlap bag. He pulled the cord. Outside once more, he scanned the grounds with his sharp green eyes. Nothing. He cocked an ear. Just a solitary siren destroying someone's peace a few miles away.

He placed the ransom note in the doorway then tossed the bag over his shoulder and retraced his steps toward the rear gate. Except for stealing Marvel comic books from Harmon's Drug Store when he was a kid and doing a little coke when he first got to Hollywood, this was the first time he'd ever broken the law. He's expected the anxiety buzz, but the hard-on was a complete surprise.

His car was parked a block away. The top was down on his black SL550. He placed her carefully on the back seat. He didn't bother buckling her in, though; after all, his victim had been dead for almost forty years.

He slipped behind the wheel of the convertible. Once he got the ransom he'd pay off the leasing company. He was getting sick of their repo threats. Everybody's repo threats.

The car purred to life. The kidnapper smiled as he put the car into gear and drove away from the cemetery. Unbelievable. He'd actually pulled it off. He'd kidnapped one of Hollywood's greatest icons.

And now everyone would have to pay.

© James L. Conway