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Early Days

James Conway

James was born in New York City where he lived until he was ten years old. His family then moved to Highland Park, Illinois where Jim graduated from Highland Park High School.

James went to the University of Denver where he graduated with honors. He soon moved to Los Angeles where he began his TV and movie career.


James has worked extensively as a writer, producer and director. His credits include such TV favorites as MacGyver, Star Trek: Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise, Charmed, Supernatural and Smallville.

James also served six years as Executive Vice President of Spelling Television where he worked on over twenty TV series including such hits as 90210, Melrose Place and 7th Heaven.

James lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Rebecca Balding.

Writing Dead and Not So Buried

I love Hollywood. I've spent my adult life here, writing/producing/directing. I also love detective fiction. I grew up with Hammett and Chandler and now I read EVERYTHING. Current favorites are Michael Connelly and Don Winslow. I've even got a replica of the Maltese Falcon in my office.

So when I decided to write my first novel I chose to write about what I know best: Hollywood. I also like novels with a liberal sprinkling of humor and sex so decided to write what I love to read.

For my hero I chose my favorite literary icon, the world-weary detective. For a villain I chose someone from the "other side" of Hollywood. The angry resentful side. Hollywood's favorite four-letter word is ENVY. And Hollywood's favorite thirteen-letter word is SCHADENFREUDE.

No one really roots for their friends. Everyone wants everyone else to fail. Because for every famous TV and movie star there are scores of other actors passed over, rejected, fired. Like our villain Roy Cooper. I know Roy Cooper. I've worked with many actors just like him. Best looking guy in high school. Star of all his college plays. Truly a BMOC. Then he gets to L.A. and goes to his first casting call. The room is filled with guys who look just like him. Just as handsome. Just as talented. Just as full of themselves.

And they look around and think, WTF?!

They don't get that first role. Or the next. They go to acting classes. They network. Do everything they're told to do. And finally get cast. This is it, they think. My big break. But no. That great role leads to nothing. Back to the cattle calls. The agents who never call back.

Meanwhile, they see their friends getting great roles. Series deals. Becoming stars and they think WTF?!

In many cases these guys never hit it big. They may scratch out a career and cling to hope. Often they leave show business and get real jobs. And in the case of Dead and Not So Buried one of them finally does what most of them dream about.

He decides to get even.